25+ Best Space Exploration Bedroom for Boys Ideas

Transform Your Boy’s Bedroom into a Space Exploration Adventure

Creating a space exploration-themed bedroom for your child can ignite their imagination and foster a love for science and discovery. With thoughtful design elements, you can transform their room into a cosmic adventure that they’ll love. Here’s a comprehensive guide to designing a space-themed bedroom that is out of this world.

1. Planning the Space Theme

Before you start decorating, plan the elements that will bring the space theme to life. Consider colors, textures, and specific space-related elements such as planets, stars, and rockets.

Color Palette
  • Walls: Dark blues, blacks, and purples mimic the vastness of space.
  • Accents: Bright colors like whites, silvers, and neon greens for stars, planets, and space gadgets.
Key Elements
  • Celestial Bodies: Incorporate planets, stars, moons, and galaxies.
  • Spacecraft: Rockets, space shuttles, and satellites can be focal points.
  • Astronauts: Add images or figures of astronauts to enhance the theme.

2. Walls and Flooring

Wall Decor

Start with the walls. Paint them in a deep blue or black to create a night sky effect. Enhance this with glow-in-the-dark star and planet decals or a mural depicting a galaxy.

  • Wall Murals: Consider a mural of the solar system or a distant galaxy.
  • Decals and Stickers: Use peel-and-stick decals of stars, planets, and rockets for added flexibility.

For the flooring, consider a neutral carpet or laminate flooring. Add rugs with space-themed designs, such as stars or planetary systems.

3. Furniture and Storage


Choose furniture that complements the space theme, ideally in colors like white, silver, or dark blue.

  • Beds: A bed shaped like a rocket or spaceship can be a standout feature. Alternatively, opt for a loft bed to simulate a space station bunk.
  • Dressers and Shelves: Metallic finishes or sleek designs work well. Add knobs shaped like planets or stars.

Use space-themed storage bins and boxes to keep toys and clothes organized.

  • Bins: Look for bins with star or planet prints.
  • Shelves: Install floating shelves in the shape of rockets or stars.

4. Textiles and Bedding

The right textiles can significantly enhance the space theme.

  • Bedding: Choose bed sheets, comforters, and pillowcases with images of stars, planets, or astronauts.
  • Curtains: Use blackout curtains with star patterns to mimic the night sky and ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Cushions and Throws: Add cushions and throws in shapes of stars, moons, or rockets for extra comfort and style.

5. Lighting and Accessories


Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the space atmosphere.

  • Main Light: Opt for a ceiling light shaped like a planet or a star.
  • Night Lights: Use a projector lamp that casts stars and planets on the walls and ceiling.
  • Lamps: Desk lamps shaped like rockets or astronauts can add a fun touch.

Incorporate a variety of space-themed accessories to complete the look.

  • Astronaut Figures: Place small astronaut figurines on shelves.
  • Wall Art: Hang pictures or posters of space scenes, rockets, and famous astronauts.
  • Planets and Stars: Use 3D models of planets and stars for a realistic touch.

6. Interactive Elements

Make the room an interactive space for learning and play.

  • Play Area: Create a corner with space-themed toys and puzzles.
  • Learning Corner: Include bookshelves with space exploration books and encyclopedias.
  • Creative Zone: Provide art supplies for drawing and crafting space scenes.

7. Safety Considerations

While designing the room, prioritize safety. Ensure all furniture is sturdy and secure, free from sharp edges, and made from non-toxic materials. Use child-safe paint and avoid small decorations that could be choking hazards for younger children.


Designing a space exploration-themed bedroom for boys is an exciting project that can inspire a lifelong passion for science and discovery. By carefully selecting colors, furniture, textiles, and accessories, you can create a room that feels like a true space adventure. Whether it’s drifting off to sleep under a starry sky or playing with space-themed toys, your child will have a room that sparks imagination and curiosity every day.

Embrace your creativity and transform your boy’s bedroom into a stellar retreat that’s truly out of this world!

So many kids love space and astronomy, and it’s not difficult to see why. The universe is a fascinating place filled with black holes, asteroids, and strange planets orbiting distant stars. What better way to celebrate this immersive world than with space-themed room decor?

If your kid wants a space-themed bedroom, it can be hard to know where to start; many parents are reluctant to start painting walls with crazy colors or going for garnish accessories when they know their budding astronaut could change their mind in a matter of weeks.

But worry not. We’ve compiled a list of 25 space-themed bedroom ideas for kids that will bring adults and their children alike into a space that’s truly out of this world! And for more space-themed interiors to love, enjoy these 40 Adorable Space-Themed Nursery Ideas.

We’re Going to The Moon! 

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/scandiborn

This gorgeous setup is the perfect example of how you can easily work a space theme into your kid’s bedroom with artwork, wall decals, and some dreamy soft furnishings.

Space Fox Theme

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/artspaceinteriordesign

These foxes seem to be quite far from home! We love the bespoke spaceship headboard and how it compliments the hand-painted mural on the wall.

Starry, Starry Night

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/homeonthegarths_

Stars make for especially versatile space-themed bedroom ideas — you can hang them from the ceiling or adhere them to your walls. You can also choose glow-in-the-dark stars for some soft night light.

3-2-1… Blast Off! 

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/messy_and_mindful

Space-themed bedding is a great foundation for transforming an ordinary bedroom into an intergalactic sleeping pod. It’s not a true galaxy experience, though, without an astronaut decal on the wall!

Head in the Clouds

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/hudson_and_harlow

This space-themed bedroom has it all! A giant LED-backlit moon, a dreamy cloud wallpaper, a solar system mobile, a house bed canopy, and some extra room to play.

Space Rocket Chalk Wall

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/crateandkids

With a hand-drawn accent wall beside the bed nook, this space-themed bedroom design is full of personality. Once your kid climbs these steps, they may just feel like boarding a spaceship to a different planet!

To the Moon and Back

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/

We love this space-themed bedroom to the moon and back! The celestial wall mural sets the tone for the entire room, and the solar system model hanging from the ceiling completes the look.

Intergalactic Workstation

space-themed workspacevia Instagram/pirum_parum

How big is Jupiter compared to Mars? Can all of the planets fit between Earth and the moon? If your child is obsessed with space, why not reflect that in their study desk design? Any kid with a special interest in outer space will appreciate a study space that speaks to their passion!

Bright and Modern Beyond

space-themed nurseryvia Instagram/larissacoss

This modern space-themed nursery room couldn’t be more chic! The rocket-themed wall decor gives it a distinct vibe. The spacesuit and the backpack complete the space, making it look as though it belongs to an astronaut hard at work.

Space Rocket Theme

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/artspaceinteriordesign

What faster way is there from a toddler’s bedroom to the stars beyond than in a space rocket? With rocket-shaped props and wall decals, your kids can experience the wonders of interstellar travel without ever leaving home!

A Galaxy of Color

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/artspaceinteriordesign

The pops of bright colors in the furniture help lift the dark blue color on the walls and keep it really fun while the planets cut out of thick cardboard give a realistic touch to the entire theme.

Astronomer’s Paradise

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/insideourhome19

How about bringing a telescope and making it the statement piece of your kid’s space-themed bedroom? Not just a showpiece, this handy object is sure to nurture your little astronomer’s creative brain once they turn a bit older and start observing the night sky.

Full Moon Rising

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/design_faynblat

Why settle for seeing a full moon just once a month? Place a big moon atop your little one’s bed — it can be a wall sticker, a mural, or a 3D wall decor — and surround it with stars!

Space Cadet

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/ashleyrosedeang

With its rich navy wallpaper, space-themed accessories, and starry curtains, this dreamy space-themed bedroom packs an entire galaxy’s worth of style into a very tiny space!

Cosmic Corner

shared space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/mumma_to_daisyandoscar

Take a look at this awesome shared space-themed bedroom created for the two most adorable little girls! Their mom Rebbeca divided the room with a mirror and painted accent walls with different color schemes to demarcate each girl’s space.

Colors of the Universe

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/hyggebeehome

Navy blue and orange have to be our favorite color combination in the entire universe! Also, take a closer look at the matching wall print over the bed. It features the space shuttle Endeavor backdropped over Earth’s colorful horizon!

A Space Odyssey

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/joyfulhousewalk

Prepare to have your mind blown with this amazing themed bedroom space! A Neil Armstrong quote decal coupled with a gravity-defying astronaut decor allow your kids to contemplate the wonders of space travel without missing bedtime.

Cozy Outpost

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/teddy_and_co_uk

We know that space is a cold, unforgiving place and all, but that doesn’t mean that your space-themed room should feel the same! Just take a look at this kids space-themed bedroom; from the warm terracotta walls to felt space wall hangings, it has to be the coziest outpost in the galaxy!

On the Edge of the World

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/laffsgaff

A pro tip if you want that dark blue color to come out: pair it with white accents in a room that gets lots of natural light. Another pro tip? Ditch the rocket. Take a balloon to space instead!

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

via Instagram/iamhollz

Star Wars is a great space-themed bedroom idea for all ages. This adorable Star Wars-themed nursery, designed by Instagrammer Holly Marie, transports you to a galaxy far, far away while maintaining a modern appeal that can be easily updated as her little astronaut grows. Feel inspired? Check our awesome Star Wars room ideas for the whole house!

To the Stars and Beyond!

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/hiltontownhouse

Dark blue space bedding and matching wallpaper give this room a distinct theme without going overboard with the decor. Also, how cool is this rocket-shaped storage basket?! It definitely brings out-of-this-world style to clean-up time.

Space Crib

space-themed nurseryvia Instagram/stickerscape

Place space-themed stickers on the wall behind the crib for an instant “wow” factor. Also, don’t forget the crib mobile! Either choose one with the planets and the sun to demonstrate the solar system or simply go for a crib mobile with stars and moons all over. 

Constellation Wall

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/escape_home

Note how the contrast between the dark blue constellation wall and the rest of this all-white space creates an illusion of openness, making the room feel worlds bigger than it actually is. Designer Lilly tossed a yellow star-shaped pillow in the mix for an even more curated and inspirational themed bedroom space.

Galaxy Laser Lights

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/galaxylighttm

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate the space theme without committing to an entire decorating scheme, consider investing in galaxy laser lights. With just the push of a button, you can fill your kid’s bedroom with stars and galaxies that transport children and adults to outer space without the hassle and mess of redecorating.

Intergalactic Fantastic

space-themed bedroomvia Instagram/nickee_noo

On a mission to create a stellar space for your astronaut? Consider this your launching off point: a space-themed wall mural + plenty of outer space wall art + LED lights (preferably surrounding the entire perimeter of the room).

It’s a Wrap!

We hope our space-themed bedroom ideas help you create a stylish and fun interior that inspires a new generation of space explorers.

Remember, space is not a void; it’s a canvas for our imagination. Your space-themed bedroom can incorporate everything, from a rocket-shaped lamp to a ceiling covered with glow-in-the-dark stars to a constellation accent wall!

Looking to add some otherworldly vibes to your walls? Check out Displate’s space-themed wall art to blast you off into outer space!

What are the space-themed bedroom decorations or design ideas we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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