Fresh! 25 Best and Easiest Summer Nail Arts, Beginner Friendly to Make

summer nail arts

Having Memorial Day оn оur rаdаr screen means one thіng: ѕummеrtіmе! And nothing goes bеttеr with ѕummеr’ѕ whіtе jеаnѕ than cute ѕummеr nаіlѕ.

If уоu’rе іn need оf inspo, уоu’rе іn the rіght рlасе: Wе’vе соmріlеd a lоng lіѕt оf trеndіng nаіl designs to choose frоm. Whеthеr you аrе looking for thе best summer nail роlіѕh соlоrѕ, want ѕоmе trustworthy рrеѕѕ-оnѕ, or рrеfеr tо use nоntоxіс nail polish, wе’vе got you соvеrеd.

Aѕ for what’s trending fоr summer 2024? “If I соuld pick оnе trеnd thаt’ѕ gоіng tо bе huge, аnd оnе trеnd оnlу, it’d bе grееn nails,” Julі Russell, Sаllу Beauty DIY nаіl еxреrt, tеllѕ Glаmоur. She аlѕо роіntѕ tо аurа nails аnd multісоlоrеd сhrоmе аѕ nаіl trends tо wаtсh fоr. “Aurа nails hаvе bееn the rіѕіng star thіѕ ѕеаѕоn аnd wіll continue tо bе ѕhіnіng brіght for ѕummеr,” ѕhе says.

Alѕо of nоtе? “Wе’rе full-оn into thе соlоrеd-сhrоmе era аnd іt’ѕ nоt slowing down,” Ruѕѕеll ѕауѕ, meaning Sugar Plum Fairy vіbеѕ are ѕtіll vеrу much trеndіng. Expect to ѕее mеrmаіd- аnd fаіrу-іnѕріrеd lооkѕ like seashell nаіlѕ аll ѕummеr lоng.

From subtle grаdіеntѕ аnd designs to tо checkered nаіlѕ аnd ѕеаѕоnаllу аррrорrіаtе nеоnѕ, there’s a lіttlе ѕоmеthіng for every tаѕtе and ѕkіll lеvеl аhеаd. Scroll оn for thе summer nаіlѕ that we’ve bееn dоublе-tарріng, and gеt rеаdу to screenshot.

  • summer nails trends 2024  hailey bieber
    Instagram/@nailsbyzola1/70Glowing GreenRussell’s absolute top pick for summer 2024 nail trends is bright green nails. “Hailey Beiber just shared her glowing green Coachella, mani and if history repeats itself, it’s gonna rock the nail game,” she says. “Bright, neon greens and chartreuse shades will be replacing neon pink summer manis this year.”As for how to DIY? “The In the Limelight Gelaze color by China Glaze, available at Sally Beauty, is almost identical to HB’s manicure. It’s electric but fresh, and boy, does it make your tan pop,” Russell says.
  • Image may contain Body Part Finger Hand Person Medication Pill and Cosmetics
    Instagram/@tombachik2/70Butter YellowWhile trending greens are bright, neon, and citrus-inspired, yellow’s doing the opposite: Celebrities like Selena Gomez are putting a more creamy and buttery shade of yellow on the map for summer 2024.A pastel shade that falls between canary and beige, butter yellow is everywhere right now. From the the runway to the red carpet (see Aubrey Plaza’s Loewe Emmys dress) to Gomez’s take on the trend, it’s clear that pale butter yellow really is the year’s defining color.

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  • Image may contain Body Part Finger Hand Person Nail and Manicure
    Courtesy of Juli Russell & Sally Beauty. Instagram/@jauntyjuli3/70French Jell-O“French Jell-O nails are going to be very trendy this summer,” says Russell. “The sheer jelly base color gives a soft wash of color to your natural nails, making it ultrawearable. Paired with a classic French tip in a coordinating color, this design is playful yet sophisticated.” It’s also perfect for DIY enthusiasts, she adds: “This fun design offers an easy yet glamorous look achievable at home.“The trick to getting the perfect Jell-O manicure is in the base color. Jelly formula polishes are less pigmented and contain more of the clear base, giving a semitranslucent finish when applied to the nail. You can opt for a polish that’s already formulated to be jelly-like or DIY your own jelly color at home. Combine three parts top coat—I recommend the Mini Mani Moo No Wipe Chrome Top & Base Coat—to one part of your colored polish on a palette or piece of foil. Mix thoroughly and apply to your nail with a square nail-art brush.”
  • Image may contain Body Part Hand Person Nail Medication and Pill
    Instagram/@alyssanailtech4/70Mix & MatchMix-and-match nails continue to dominate nail trends, says Syracuse, New York, nail tech Alyssa Fronce. “They’ve been very popular,” she says, pointing to one client’s recent design combining florals, checkers, smiley faces, clouds, and more in shades of pink and orange.
  • Image may contain Body Part Hand Person Finger Baby and Nail
    Instagram/@kimkimnails5/70Green AccentsIf going full bright green feels too extreme, consider lime green accents atop a nude base. Celebrity nail artist Kim Truong created this low-key lime green look for singer-songwriter Ella Mai.
  • aura nails
    Courtesy of Juli Russell & Sally Beauty. Instagram/@jauntyjuli6/70Aura Nails“Aura nails have been the rising star this season and will continue to be shining bright for summer,” says Russell, explaining that aura nails feature seamless blending of colors, usually two, for a perfect aura-like gradient orb on your nails.But the best part? Lost Angels ‘Angel Energy’ Press On Nails are so easy to apply and pretty much the same exact look.
  • Image may contain Body Part Finger Hand Person Accessories Jewelry Ring and Cosmetics
    Courtesy of Brionna Moore. Instagram/@brionnalmoore7/70Red HotWhether you’re the trying red-nail theory or are simply feeling indecisive, you can’t go wrong with a bright red mani for summertime. Russell is a fan of OPI’s blazing-hot Coca-Cola Red, since you can’t really get more classically red than the Coca-Cola logo.
  • Image may contain Body Part Hand Person Medication Pill Finger Skin and Nail
    Instagram/@alyssanailtech8/70Snow WhiteWhite nail polish has been through it over the past year (remember everything with Tom Sandoval?). Fortunately, Selena Gomez resurrected the trend, meaning we get to enjoy white nails all summer long. One fun way to rock the look is to alternate patterns in varying neutrals, as seen here.
  • Image may contain Cosmetics and Nail Polish
    Instagram/@alyssanailtech9/70Olive Green“Olive green, or army green, is making its mark in the fashion world and is now a trendy choice for manicure colors,” says Russell. “Its unique earthy undertone lends it a versatility akin to a neutral brown, yet with an added touch of distinctiveness.” Her favorite shade to DIY is Freshly Cut Nail Lacquer color by Morgan Taylor. “It’s the perfect shade to be on par with this trend,” she says. “Not ready for a full-blown olive-green manicure? Ease into it with a summery mix-and-match design.”
  • aura nails
    Instagram/@jauntyjuli10/70Fairy Aura NailsAura nails’ possibilities are so endless that Russell has already made several: One of her favorite ways to wear the trend is with a pastel fairycore design. “Aura nails are most often created with gel products, but you can totally get the look with regular lacquer,” says Russell. “The blending technique for this method uses a cosmetic sponge. Overlap your colors so they blend, and then sponge it onto your nail.”
  • seashell nailschrome iridescent mermaid fairy manicure
    Instagram/@alyssanailtech11/70Baby-Blue Chrome“The baby-blue chrome trend is the rebellious older sister to last year’s beloved ‘blueberry milk’ nails,” says Russell. “With its edgy yet surprisingly wearable appeal, baby-blue chrome adds a futuristic flair to your fingertips. The best part? Achieving this look is easier than you think, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts.” Russell suggests pairing the Magic Mirror Chrome Powder Mint with the Blue Moon Gel Polish by ASP.
  • Image may contain Accessories Wallet Cosmetics Person Skin and Nail Polish
    Instagram/@jinsoon12/70Black CherryAccording to data from Pinterest, queries for “red wine nail color” are up by 1,780%. Black cherry nails might not seem the most summery, but the allure of dark feminine energy glam doesn’t seem to care.“Black cherry has stolen the spotlight on runways of late because of its classic and enduring appeal, versatility, and the ability to make a bold statement while emitting an edgy vibe with rebellious charm,” says celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi, founder of Jinsoon, noting that it was all over the runways at New York Fashion Week.
  • Image may contain Body Part Finger Hand Person Nail Flower Petal Plant Manicure Baby Accessories and Diamond
    Courtesy of Brionna Moore. Instagram/@brionnalmoore13/70Princess PeachyIf you’re looking for a fruit-inspired mani that doesn’t feel too over-the-top, look no further than this adorable peach design. You can easily recreate the look with peach nail decals.
  • Image may contain Body Part Hand Person Nail Finger Cosmetics and Lipstick
    Courtesy of Brionna Moore. Instagram/@brionnalmoore14/70Y2K ButterfliesY2K-inspired nail trends aren’t going anywhere, especially since celebrities from Selena Gomez to Meghan Markle have brought back the classic square French style. One fun way to elevate the look? Mix pops of color and decorate with butterflies. You might as well tell your mom you’ll meet her after school at Claire’s.
  • Image may contain Body Part Finger Hand Person and Baby
    15/70Delicate FloralsFronce says her clients are also asking for soft bridal floral vibes for the season. It’s the perfect way to to wear a design without it feeling too over-the-top.
  • Seashell Nails
    Instagram/@nailsbyzola16/70Seashell NailsIridescent seashell nails, which celebs like Kylie Jenner, Megan Fox, and Saweetie have all cosigned, are on track to be one of summer’s biggest nail trends.“Chrome nails have had their moment and a half for the past few seasons, but Kylie Jenner just took it to a new level and brought back a nostalgic Y2K trend: multichrome nails,” says Russell. “These color-shifting, one-of-a-kind manicures are formulated with different chromatic pigments that reveal new shades at every angle, giving it that mermaid-tail effect.
  • Image may contain Body Part Finger Hand Person Baby Medication and Pill
    17/70Emerald AestheticAnother fun way to wear a deep green mani? Opt for shades of emerald and combine checkers with peace signs—or any pattern of your choice.
  • If Yellowstone has as much of a grasp on you as it does on us this mani just makes sense. And its not that hard to DIY...
    Instagram/@boycott_boringnails18/70Western FlareIf Yellowstone has as much of a grasp on you as it does on us, this mani just makes sense. And it’s not that hard to DIY! All you need is a dotting tool and a steady hand to create the cow-print design.
  • For a different take on a rainbow French manicure were loving this diagonal double line.
    Instagram/@amberjhnails19/70Rainbow AnglesFor a different take on a rainbow French manicure, we’re loving this diagonal double line.
  • Taylor Swift isnt the only one who gets to be bejeweled—these supereasytoapply presson nails dial up any look instantly.
    Instagram/@ginaedwards_20/70Bejeweled NailsTaylor Swift isn’t the only one who gets to be bejeweled—these super-easy-to-apply press-on nails dial up any look instantly.
  • Thanks to the Little Mermaid movie the mermaidcore trend is going strong plus chrome hasnt gone anywhere since glazed...
    Instagram/@heygreatnails21/70Mermaid ChromeThanks to the Little Mermaid movie, the mermaidcore trend is going strong, plus chrome hasn’t gone anywhere since glazed donut nails hit the scene. This teal and purple metallic combo is the best of both worlds.
  • heart summer nails
    Instagram/@yeswhatnails22/70Heart Nails These heart beam nails—inspired by the Powerpuff Girls and Gen Z’s fave phone case—have been popping up everywhere. In bold red and pink, they feel particularly summer-ready.
  • Cloud nail art
    Instagram/@annahershey_23/70Cartoon Clouds Cloud nails may have been trending this winter, but they give us total summer vibes. Unlike the more stylized clouds that were popping off, these cartoony clouds are totally DIY-able. All you need is a good art brush and the perfect opaque white (try Orly French Tips).
  • American manicure summer nails
    Instagram/@tombachik24/70American Manicure For Nicola Peltz’s wedding to Brooklyn Beckham, manicurist Tom Bachik decked Peltz’s nails with a ’90s-inspired American manicure—think of it as a French manicure, but with less definition where the tips start and end. We’re expecting to see the softer style everywhere this summer. 
  • Star summer nails
    Instagram/@color_camp25/70Bright Stars A cluster of neon stars will make you feel beach-ready in seconds. If the thought of free-handing stars with a nail brush stresses you out, just glue a sprinkling of star sequins by your cuticles for the same effect. 

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